A、career planning:

    a. the principle of voluntary employee training to enhance the professional skills and professional quality at all levels of staff through training, in order to adapt and meet the needs of the company's development.
    b. to establish a good working atmosphere and work habits, increase employee job satisfaction and sense of accomplishment, to make the team more united, more effective communication, fighting stronger.
    c. bring talents to create a training mechanism to provide effective protection for the company's rapid development and efficient operation.
    d. to achieve a combination of training and performance appraisal system.


    a. operator: basic salary + other fixed allowance + overtime + KPI Incentive Allowance, comprehensive monthly salary up to 5000 yuan between 3500.
    b. Technical and professional staff: salary by company and individual competence and experience definitions, weekly rest and statutory holiday overtime pay   overtime in accordance with the provisions of.
Monthly payment based on individual performance after performance bonuses to positive.
    c. Late payment of year-end bonuses (bonus in proportion to the company's profits that year approved) and the bottom end of the year once a year salary.
    d. Each year, the company made full payment of subsidies given seniority (the staff to do the first year of full 100 yuan subsidy given seniority, subsequent annual increments by company).


    a. Hires the company that purchased five insurance (pension / injury / medical / unemployment / clinic).
    b. Company to provide accommodation (two to six staff quarters of a free, cadre hostel has single rooms, one-bedroom and two-bedroom is equipped in accordance with the level of arrangements, facilities).
    c. Hires a full month after the purchase of housing fund.
    d. All holiday executed according to the labor law (1 paid leave; 2 weddings false; 3. maternity leave; 4 paternity leave).
    e. There have birthday gifts, new wedding, funeral and other gifts; grant package holidays.
     f. Free gym, library, video room, living area for employees to use free wifi.

D:Employee Activity:


    Irregularly organize annual basketball tournament organized every year from time employees Foreign tours year-end and year-end banquet dinner events including the lottery.