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Horticultural plant construction and maintenance of the global environment

                     a,An environmental regulatory compliance, etc. to prevent pollution

b,reduce the waste of resources continues to improve

Corporate Social Responsibility


Operational situation

  First, to promote the implementation of corporate governance

(A) The company set CSR policies or systems, and reviewing the effectiveness of the implementation of the case.

(A) The Company has not yet set corporate social responsibility policy, but the company will continue the practice of corporate social responsibility, the future will be subject to set policy.

(B) the company set up to promote corporate social responsibility (part) of the operational units of the situation post.

(B) The Company has not yet set up to promote corporate social responsibility (part-time) units, but the relevant departments to handle matters related to their duties conus.

(C) the company organizes regular directors, supervisors and employees of the business ethics education and training and advocacy issues, and in conjunction with employee performance appraisal system, the establishment of clear and effective reward and punishment system of circumstances.

(C) Employees of the Company from time to time held a forum to advocate corporate ethics, and laid down "employees' Code clearly documented the award, correctional system.

  Second, the development of sustainable environment

(A) The Company is committed to enhance the utilization efficiency of resources, and use cases for the environmental impact of the low impact of renewable materials.

(A) The Company has a management department is responsible for the company's overall environmental resources planning, improve the utilization efficiency of the recycling, the widespread use of packaging materials can be recycled.

(B) the Company based on industry characteristics establish appropriate circumstances of Environmental Management System.

(B) The Company regularly collect and assess the impact of operational activities on the natural environment caused by the information, and the establishment of measurable goals.

(C) establishment of environmental management dedicated units or personnel, to safeguard the environment situation.

(C) The Company has a management department responsible for environmental management, in order to protect the environment.

(D) attention to the impact of climate change on operating activities, the development of the situation and the company's carbon reduction of greenhouse gas reduction strategies.

(D) promote turning off lights, paperless and use energy saving lamps.

Third, the maintenance of social welfare

(E) companies to comply with the relevant labor laws, protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, the establishment of an appropriate method of case management and Procedure.

(E) the Company to comply with the Labor Standards Law cum relevant labor laws and regulations, codes of preparation staff, employees regularly hold seminars and provide piping to express their views of the staff to fully understand the company's business activity.

(F) (1) the company related personnel regulations (example: "staff code") are in compliance with the provisions of contents stipulated in Labor Standards Law, and specially processing job matters. The company "the staff code" have maintenance related rights of employees and applicants of the obligations of the specification, and to rules have complaint and punishment, so as to ensure the employee's right to work.

(2) the relationship between attention and customers of the company, making the "emergency procedure written operating procedures, and strive to the most rapid solutions to customer problems.

(3) the company firmly believe that the impact of the national enterprise social responsibility, provide employment environment staff stability and high quality, for the company's shareholders and relevant stakeholders to seek maximum benefits, the company will be the spirit of "taken from society, society should be used on the" spirit, the future will actively participate in social charity activities and on society vulnerable groups sponsored activities, and at the same time, engaged in the business, and actively practice corporate social responsibility, to comply with the international trend of development of environmental, social and governance of the balance of the company.