Dongguan: the name of the car rental in disguise tourism charter.
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Recently, Dongguan City Road Transport Authority (hereinafter referred to as "transportation Authority") found that: Dongguan car rental companies Xinpeng Co., Ltd. has obtained the approval of transportation lied to authorities, there is a serious fraud against the interests of the masses of personal property disrupt the market order, Dongguan City, the passenger.

In view of this, a list of the differences between formal transportation Authority chartered tour bus between illegal lease, to remind the public carefully selected travel. At the same time, it is recommended when people choose to travel during the regular tourist charter trips, bus encountered an illegal lease, call 0769-22201029 to report.

Chartered tour bus with regular illegal five big difference

Currently, the city transportation Authority investigation found that a large number of Dongguan City, the name of the name of the car rental companies, the use of more than 12 large buses disguised engaged in road passenger transport operators (ie, often called the "tourism charter"). According to the May 1, 2014 implementation of the "Road Transport Regulations of Guangdong Province" provides car rental operators should use their own vehicles in the rental business, the rental car should be below 12 minibuses. Car rental is the right to use the rental car, the driver can not provide the service.
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